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Why facebook game request does not showing up on recipient profile?

I am implementing facebook functionality on my Android game. Registered app on facebook. Everything works normally.

But when I send request open GameRequest dialog, select friends and send. On request I get success and request id. But on recipient side does not shows up any request or notification (On facebook desktop).

What I do wrong?

I implemented code as following. Has created requestDialog on start as document says.

GameRequestContent content = new GameRequestContent.Builder().

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I want to ask to own question.

As I was explaining above everything was implemented rightly.

Facebook Game Request doc says:

"On the Facebook desktop site, requests appear as a beeper pop-up in the lower left of the screen as well as in the notifications jewel. On mobile platforms requests will surface within the list of notifications in the Facebook App."

But nowhere it metioned that if you have only android app configured in Facebook it will show notifaction only on Android Facebook app not in Facebook destkop site.

But when I looked notifiaction bar on Facebbok app then saw that game request does appear Facebook App.

Consider this not described future when developing.

I reported this issue on Facebook as Bug (report link) and got positive feedback saying:

You are right, that could definitely be improved. We do specify that:

Invites that are sent by the player will appear on whatever combination of platforms supported by your game.

but only in the section "Invitable Friends API". Not very easy to find.

I've assigned this bug to the documentation team to state it more clearly.

Thanks for reporting this, Domenico

Beside I want to share additional information. You can face with this problem too.
To let recipinet to open android application clicking on game request notifiaction - You have to set "Yes" option on Android application setting in facebook app as shown in image below. (This is under Android settings in facebook app).
Otherwise you will see The requested page can not be displayed right now ...

enter image description here

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