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How to use dynamically linked dll in c#

I imported the taglib-sharp dll (that had been copied to the bin/debug folder of my project) in my C# application and then used types and methods from the library in the following way:

using TagLib;

private void method()
TagLib.File file = TagLib.File.Create("C:\\temp\\some.mp3");
TagLib.Tag tag = file.GetTag(TagLib.TagTypes.Id3v2);

Now I want to link the dll dynamically. How can I implement the same functional in this case?

That, what I've tried:

using System.Reflection

private void method()
Assembly TagLib = Assembly.Load("taglib-sharp");

Type TagLibFile = TagLib.GetType("File");
dynamic LibFile = Activator.CreateInstance(TagLibFile);

TagLibFile file = LibFile.Create("c:\\temp\\some.mp3");

In this implementation, VisualStudio says that I can't use the tagLibFile variable as a type. I supposed that when I get a type from dll, I will be able to create variables of this type.

By the way, is this approach is correct?

P.S. Also, I tried to use the invoke method, but I was not sure what object I should pass as a first argument.


Based on @nawfal's awnser below, I've got the following working code:

using System.Reflection

private void method()
Assembly TagLib = Assembly.Load("taglib-sharp");

// get the File type
var fileType = TagLib.GetType("TagLib.File");
// get the overloaded File.Create method
var createMethod = fileType.GetMethod("Create", new[] { typeof(string) });

// get the TagTypes method that contains Id3v2 field
Type tagTypes = TagLib.GetType("TagLib.TagTypes");
// get the overloaded File.GetTag method
var getTagMethod = fileType.GetMethod("GetTag", new[] {tagTypes});
// obtain the file
dynamic file = createMethod.Invoke(null, new[] { "C:\\temp\\some.mp3" });
// obtain the Id3v2 field value
FieldInfo Id3TagField = tagTypes.GetField("Id3v2");
var Id3Tag = Id3TagField.GetValue(tagTypes);

// obtain the actual tag of the file
var tag = getTagMethod.Invoke(file, new[] { Id3Tag });

Answer Source

You should be doing something like this:

private void method()
    var assembly = Assembly.Load("taglib");
    var type = assembly.GetType("namespace.File"); // namespace qualified class name
    // assuming you only have one Create method, otherwise use reflection to resolve overloads
    var method = type.GetMethod("Create");

    dynamic file = method.Invoke(null, new[] { "C:\\temp\\some.mp3" }); // null for static methods
    var tag = file.GetTag(TagLib.TagTypes.Id3v2); // not sure if you can pass those params, 
                                                  // may be do reflection to get them too

Kindly rethink if you want it to be dynamic. If you can reference the dll then you can still get the benefits of strong typing.

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