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AngularJS Question

how to return image url instead of file path

I am facing an issue when showing uploaded image in browser.
I get error

Not allowed to load local resource:

I wrote the following line of code to store image on server under App_data.

File.Path = Url.Content(string.Format("{0}/{1}", System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/Images"), fileName));

File path saved in DB as following



<img ng-src="{{motor.FileUploads[0].Path}} alt="Description" />

After googling i got the reason for this error.

Basically i need to return back Image URL instead of file path.

I am not sure how i can return image path back to angular client.

Can someone guide me on it.


You don't need to specify the complete physical path, when reference from the browser

File.Path = Url.Content(string.Format("~/App_Data/Images/{0}", fileName));

this should return the relative URL

Update : well this won't work since you can directly access contents of the app_data folder. you can approach this either of these ways

  • move the images out of the app_data folder to like ~/images folder and it should work or
  • keep the file in the app_data folder but stream the file using content/file result action on one of your controllers

bare minimum sample implementation of the second option would look like

public class UploadsController : Controller
    public ActionResult Image( string fileName )
        //!validate file name!
        return File( Server.MapPath( $"~/App_Data/{fileName}" ), "image/jpeg" );

then in the HTML it can be referenced as <img src="api/uploads/image?filename=temp.jpg" ...