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VT-X not turned on, HAXM error, Android Studio

I just installed the android studio on my laptop, and while running my program on the virtual device, it gives me an HAXM error and ask to turn on VT-x.

I know that i am not the first person ask this question but I didn't found a solution. I have a intel i7 cpu with windows 10 64bit.
1. I checked BIOS and "INTEL virtualization technology" is ENABLED.
2. in "ANDROID SDK MANAGER" the HAXM installer option is CHECKED.

I am a beginner in android, please need your help.

Answer Source

How did you install HAXM driver? If you just installed it via Android SDK Manager then you still need to locate this driver in Android SDK directory and install it from there. It should be in directory like sdk\extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager - install it by running its package from the directory.

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