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Javascript Question

Javascript linking with

I am trying to give a link from my php page. But its showing an error. Is the following script correct? Can anyone help me pls? Its an annotation problem. Some where i have not put the annotation correctly?'add_new_shipment.php?tender_id='+result["tender_id"]&
id='+result["id"], 'quotation', 'scrollbars=yes', 'menubar=no', 'status=no', 'width=800, height=600');

Answer Source

Missing + ' Plus sign and single quote'add_new_shipment.php?tender_id='+result["tender_id"] +'&id='+result["id"], 'quotation', 'scrollbars=yes', 'menubar=no', 'status=no', 'width=800, height=600');
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