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declare javascript methods in Angular 2 / typescript to avoid propery x does not exist errors

I use some JavaScript in my Angular 2, TypeScript project.
For example I use MixPanel that have a javascript file and some methods that look like this:

"$first_name": "Joe",
"$last_name": "Doe",
"$created": "2013-04-01T09:02:00",
"$email": ""

and this:

mixpanel.track("Video played", {
"Video length": 213,
"id": "hY7gQr0"

Calling this methods work, but typescript can not find any definitions of this mixpanel object so it throws errors. This is problematic because I can't compile with these errors...

Therefore, I am using this little hack to declare mixpanel like this:

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';

declare var mixpanel: {
track(event: string, data: any): void;
identify(data: any): void;
people(data: any): void;
track_links(domQuery: string, eventName: string, properties: any): void;

export class MixPanelService {

constructor() { }

public track(event: string, data: any) {
mixpanel.track(event, data);

public track_links(domQuery: string, eventName: string, properties: any) {
mixpanel.track_links(domQuery, eventName, properties);

public identify(id: string) {

mixpanel.people.set({ <---- ERROR: Property 'set' does not exist on type '(data: any) => void'.at line 37 col 21
'$first_name': id


I am declaring mixpanel.people, but not mixpanel.people.set.
This causes an error.

Anyone know how I should declare mixpanel var to fix this? Or if there is a better solution?

Answer Source
declare var mixpanel:any; 

can solve your all problems;

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