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TypeScript Question

public static const in typescript

Is there such a thing as public static constants in typescript? I have a class that looks like:

export class Library {
public static BOOK_SHELF_NONE: string = "None";
public static BOOK_SHELF_FULL: string = "Full";

In that class, I can do
and the tsc doesn't complain. But if I try to use the class Library elsewhere, and try to do the same thing, it doesn't recognize it.

Answer Source

Here's what's this TS snippet compiled into (via TS Playground):

define(["require", "exports"], function(require, exports) {
    var Library = (function () {
        function Library() {
        Library.BOOK_SHELF_NONE = "None";
        Library.BOOK_SHELF_FULL = "Full";
        return Library;
    exports.Library = Library;

As you see, both properties defined as public static are simply attached to the exported function (as its properties); therefore they should be accessible as long as you properly access the function itself.

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