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Javascript Question

Weird looking NVD3 MultiBarChart on IE

When resizing the browser window of IE my MultiBarCharts look weird:

enter image description here

On Chrome they look just fine.

I'm using nvd3 version 1.8.4 and tested it on IE 11. Is this a common issue?

Answer Source

After hours of digging I found out that the issue was caused by some lines of css from angular-material. I have no idea why but once I removed the following lines of code the bars displayed correctly:

   @media (min-width: 960px) {
    md-menu-content {
        min-width: 96px;
    md-menu-content[width="3"] {}

What really confuses me is that I'm not even using md-menu-content within my app... If somebody knows how my issue is related to the css of angular material, please let me know.

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