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ECMAScript6 arrow function that returns an object

When returning an object from an arrow function, it seems that it is necessary to use an extra set of {} and a return statement because of an ambiguity in the grammar:

p => { return { foo: 'bar' } }

If the arrow function returns anything else, the {} and return are unnecessary, e.g.:

p => 'foo'

Is there something obvious I am missing?

Answer Source

You must wrap the returning object literal into parentheses. Otherwise curly braces will be considered to denote the function’s body. Next works:

p => ({ foo: 'bar' });

You don't need to wrap any other expression into parentheses:

p => 10;
p => 'foo';
p => true;
p => [1,2,3];
p => null;
p => /^foo$/;

and so on.

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