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Append text to a UITextField with custom keyboard made out of buttons

I have a static numeric-keyboard made out of a bunch of buttons, I also have three

, textField1, textField2 and textField3 where I'm inputting the text using the static keyboard.

Here is the code I'm using to detect which textField is currently in focus and to input the content of the buttons. It kind of works but I don't like the fact that I have three IF statements and I'm not sure how to prevent the keyboard from appearing when a textField is tapped.

What would be the best way to implement this functionality?

@IBAction func appendKey(sender: AnyObject) {
let digit = sender.currentTitle!

textField1.text = textField1.text! + digit!
}else if(textField2.isFirstResponder()){
textField2.text = textField2.text! + digit!
}else if(textField3.isFirstResponder()){
textField3.text = textField3.text! + digit!


Answer Source

If the standard keyboard is displaying then your custom keyboard isn't setup properly. Your custom keyboard should be the inputView of each UITextField. If you do that, the standard keyboard won't appear and yours will instead.

Your custom keyboard should be a separate class that handles all of it's own buttons. It appears you have everything in one view controller - all of the text fields, all of the buttons, and all of the button handling code. This is a bad approach. Create your custom keyboard class view. Put all of the code to handle and display the buttons in that custom view class. Create a single instance of this view in your view controller and assign the custom keyboard view instance to the inputView property of each text field.

In the custom keyboard class, listen for the UITextFieldTextDidBeginEditingNotification notification. This is how you keep track of the current text field. Your custom keyboard class should not have any specific reference to any text field other than track the current one. It should also ensure that the text field's inputView is itself.

In each button handler of the custom keyboard class, get the text you wish to append and then call the text field's insertText: method with the string. That's it. This will ensure the text is inserted and/or replaced based on the current selecting in the text field.

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