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Not getting frequency data in web audio using getFloatFrequencyData with live input

Working example:

I have code working that gets live mic input data and outputs it to the system default speaker. I've verified I'm getting data.

I then am trying to get the frequency data, but it returns as an array of -Infinity (or -100 in Firefox).

I've been through the MDN docs for this and seem to have everything in place, but I'm not getting the frequency data. Any idea what I need to do different?


Audio Data:
<div id="audio-data"></div>

Frequency Data:
<div id="frequency-data"></div>


window.addEventListener('load', () => {
navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio: true})
.then((stream) => {
const audioDataDisplay = document.querySelector('#audio-data');
const frequencyDataDisplay = document.querySelector('#frequency-data');
const context = new AudioContext();
const source = context.createMediaStreamSource(stream);
const processor = context.createScriptProcessor(256, 1, 1);


// route default microphone audio to default speaker output for system
// display live audio buffer data
processor.onaudioprocess = (data) => {
const channelCount = data.outputBuffer.numberOfChannels;

for (let i = 0; i < channelCount; i++) {
const inputChannelData = data.inputBuffer.getChannelData(i);
const outputChannelData = data.outputBuffer.getChannelData(i);

for (let j = 0; j < inputChannelData.length; j++) {
outputChannelData[j] = inputChannelData[j];

audioDataDisplay.innerHTML = outputChannelData;

// analyze the frequency data and display data
// only shows as an array of -Infinity in Chrome, -100 in Firefox.
const analyser = context.createAnalyser();
const dataArray = new Float32Array(analyser.frequencyBinCount);

setInterval(() => {
frequencyDataDisplay.innerHTML = dataArray;
}, 1000);

Answer Source

You're never connecting anything to your analyser node. Add something like


after creating the analyser.

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