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AngularJS Question

In Git for Windows Bash, how to install "get-apt" and "sudo" and all those basic commands?

I was working mostly on Mac, so I have no idea about how to set up git environment on Windows 8.

Today, I was going to start AngularJS on my Windows Machine. On tutorial, I saw it requires git, and I downloaded the "Git for windows", called "MINGW64".

On tutorial, it asked me to use command:

apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm
nodejs --version
npm --version

Then, the bash told me

bash: apt-get: command not found

I was confused and thought the apt-get is a pre-installed thing, so I changed the git setting and re-installed it with all different settings. It still the same.

And I am so surprised that "sudo" is not found as well.

Next, I searched online and had many vague answer which directs to the path, I think that might be the issue, but the person did not clearly say how to solve it. I was hoping can get some help from Stack overflow community how can I install the apt-get and other basic commands packages on git for windows.

If it is a duplicate, please guide me a bit how to use the correct words to mention this issue. I have tried "git for windows has no apt-get", etc on Google, and no luck for me. This has bothered me whole night. Thanks!

Link for AngularJS Tutorial

Link for git for windows

Answer Source

If you want Node.js and npm on Windows, you can download them from, apt-get is for Linux (Debian based). Here's a guide.

And Git for Windows is a only to run git, it's a separate project from Node.js, and it features a set of native tools, rather than an emulation layer like Cygwin.

If you setup PATH setup correctly, you can indeed run node commands in the Bash shell of Git for Windows.

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