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How can I use an $_POST as an argument in php function

Okay, so I've been trying to create a PHP function with a

as an argument. I've read a lot of posts that concerns $_POST as a global variable but I can't still seem to get it. I've been trying to get this code to work with lot of variations but I just can't seem to find the right formula.

Here's my code:

$testing = $_POST['fname']
function myTest($test)
$sql = "UPDATE stud_bas set fname=:fname WHERE stud_id=:id";
$query = $db ->prepare($sql);
$query -> bindValue (':fname', $test);
$query -> bindValue (':id', $id);
$update = $query -> execute();


So basically, I'm trying to create a function where different
can use the same function. The current function it still in being modified.

But the bottom line is I can't make the
work for the function...

I'm sorry, I didn't notice I didn't include how I call the function.
I just used


Amother variation is I insert
inside the

Answer Source

Since $_POST is a superglobal. you don't need to pass the entire $_POST array around. If you want to use a function to process parts of $_POST, you can just pass the relevant array index, e.g.

$_POST['foo'] = 'bar';

function somefunc($arg) {
    echo $_POST[$arg];

somefunc('foo'); // outputs 'bar'
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