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Need a basename function in Javascript

I need a short basename function (one-liner ?) for Javascript:

basename("/a/folder/file.a.ext") -> "file.a"
basename("/a/folder/file.ext") -> "file"
basename("/a/folder/file") -> "file"

That should strip the path and any extension.

For dot at the beginning would be nice to treat as "special" files

basename("/a/folder/.file.a.ext") -> ".file.a"
basename("/a/folder/.file.ext") -> ".file"
basename("/a/folder/.file") -> ".file" # empty is Ok
basename("/a/folder/.fil") -> ".fil" # empty is Ok
basename("/a/folder/.file..a..") -> # does'nt matter

Answer Source
function baseName(str)
   var base = new String(str).substring(str.lastIndexOf('/') + 1); 
    if(base.lastIndexOf(".") != -1)       
        base = base.substring(0, base.lastIndexOf("."));
   return base;

If you can have both / and \ as separators, you have to change the code to add one more line

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