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How do I create a build with git?

I'm a front-end developer. I just started with a new company that uses a development firm for all of their back-end stuff. They use GitHub and git command line, while my old position used BitBucket so there's a bit of a learning curve. At my old company, BitBucket had testing environments for each branch, so I never had to worry about testing my changes locally. After spending all day Googling, I've learned that I need to create a build for my local clone.

My question is: how exactly do I do that? Since my changes are front-end, I want to visually look at them before submitting a pull request, so I need to look at everything in-browser. Here's what the development firm told me, with the problematic instructions bolded:

Develop on your local install and test there. If all is good, it
gets pushed to the dev site for further testing. If everything checks
out, then it gets pushed to production.

I'd ask them for clarification, but it's hard to get a hold of them for the most part. Can anyone help me?

Edit / It's a Magento site if that helps anything.

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It seems like you need a working environment on your local machine (can be on your machine directly, or inside a docker container or inside a vagrant created VM) with all tools that you are using for your project installed (gulp, grunt, karma, npm, bower?) and after updating the code, you need to run tests locally ($ mocha --recursive, $ npm test - or whatever you use to run your tests), and view your changes in a browser (I assume you have a web server with PHP since it's a Magento project). After tests pass on your local machine, you push the changes to a proper branch - and it seems like there it works same as before in your BitBucket set-up.

Ask the other company if they have any images or scripts for building your local environment (they might use, vagrant, Chef, Docker, etc) which would make things easier for you.

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