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Espresso onData perform click on multiple items

I have a Gridview with an adapter based on a list of pojos of type Tile for my MineSweeper game, Im doing some unit tests and all I want to do is Click on all gridview Items that dont have mines and longclick all items that does have items

I have tried with the following:



with my custom matcher:

public static Matcher<Tile> isMineMatcher(final boolean flag){
return new TypeSafeMatcher<Tile>() {
public boolean matchesSafely(Tile tile) {
return tile.isMine() == flag;

public void describeTo(Description description) {
description.appendText("expected "+ flag);

But this presents the following error: Error performing 'load adapter data' on view 'with id: com.kaissersoft.minesweepergame:id/f_minefield_gridview'.
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Multiple data elements matched:

The question is how to perform Actions on Multiple items with espresso?

Answer Source

Why don't you try as it is given in testDroid. It worked for me:

If you have other objects in your adapter:

public class Person {
   public long id;
   public String firstName;
   public String lastName;
   public String email;

You can use this with onData :

onData(allOf(is(new BoundedMatcher<Object, Person>(Person.class) {
    public void describeTo(Description description) {
    protected boolean matchesSafely(Person obj) {
        return = 12345L;

So now Person with id=12345 will be found in the adapter (during test execution) and it will be clicked.

Check out detailed explanation here

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