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How to check if file is newer than 15 min in for loop

I'm looking to process files that have been modified within 15 minutes, ignoring the rest. I want to do this in a for loop, like:

for f in *; do
if test 'find $f -mtime -0h15m'
mysql -e "load data local infile '"$f"'
into table "$MYSQL_TABLE"
fields terminated by '\t'
lines terminated by '\n'
ignore 1 lines" -u$MYSQL_USER -p$MYSQL_PASS $MYSQL_DB --local-infile

When I run the above, all files are imported, even those older than 15 minutes.

Answer Source

You have two problems.

First, the argument to -mtime is a number of days, not minutes, you need to use --mmin to specify a the difference in minutes.

Second, you're using the wrong type of quotes. To substitute the result of a string into a command, you have to use backticks or $(). Since quotes just return a literal string, they don't execute the command.

You should also quote it to prevent problems if the filename has spaces or other special characters.

So it should be:

if test "$(find "$f" -mmin -15)"
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