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jQuery Question

iCheck jQuery blocks custom script

I used "iCheck jQuery" to modificate the style of the checkbox. But when i add a iCheck script - my onlick metod stops working. Why it happening?

<input id="my_cb" type="checkbox" value="yes_n" onclick="hide_row_metod()"/>
checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_square-blue',
radioClass: 'iradio_square-blue',
increaseArea: '20%' // optional

My script:

function hide_row_metod() {
document.getElementById('row1').style.display = "none";
document.getElementById('row1').style.display = "inline";

Answer Source

iCheck registers custom events you can listen for. I put up a working example on jsbin, the main difference is this:

$("#my_cb").on("ifChanged", hide_row_metod);

There are two events: ifChecked and ifUnchecked. If you want to catch all changes to your checkbox, you need to either listen for both or simply listen for ifChanged. This will work to toggle the row, as you are testing for checked in your hide_row_metod.

In my example, I use a block element div#row1, so it will render differently (inline) after checking and unchecking.

Also: you got a typo in your method name (missing h).

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