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SQL Question

alter column from time with time zone to timestamp

I am having trouble changing a column called

in a table called
from time with time zone to
in my Postgres database . I have tried using the following code:

alter table key_request alter column end_date type timestamp with time zone using end_date::timestamp with time zone

I keep getting the following error:

ERROR: cannot cast type time with time zone to timestamp with time zone

Any idea of how I can adjust this query to work?

Answer Source

I woul do this in a series of steps

  1. Alter the table, adding a new column end_date1 as time with time zone
  2. Copy the date from end_date(old) to end_date1
  3. Alter the table, droping the old end_date column
  4. Alter the table,reaming end_date1 to end_date
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