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Javascript Question

Onsen UI, how to use isShow() Menthod

I'm creating a very simple app, and I'm using Onsen UI and purely JavaScript (no Angular, React, or Vue). This is the first time a use this framework, but so far seems pretty simple and straight forward, except the

method. I have a dialog that I open using:

document.getElementById(id).show({ animation: "fade" });

But now I need to know how to check if the dialog is open or not. I thought that using something like this would work:


But I get a
document.getElementById(...).isShown is not a function
error message.The only thing I can find is what is says inn the Onsen UI documentation:
isShown() Returns whether the popover is visible or not.

How can I determine if a Dialog
element is open (visible) in Onsen UI?

Answer Source

The isShown() method was part of Onsen UI v1. For v2 you can access visible property and get the same value. Docs here.

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