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Create an XML template for app response

So here is my code...

function () use ($app){
require_once 'lib/mysql.php';
$dx = connect_db('MyPhotos');

$res = $app->response();
$res['Content-Type'] = 'application/xml';
$view = $app->view();
$oArray = array("Status"=> $dx.status, "code" => $dx.code);
return $app->render('chkdb.xml', $oArray);

I wanna know how to create the chkdb.xml template that can handle my input..
Then will output the following..


Thanks in advance....

EDIT: Answered.. Thanks alexw

Answer Source

If you use Twig, you can just use the array keys in double-curly-brace placeholders. So if your somearray were:

$somearray = [
    "status" => "success",
    "code" => 0,
    "messages" => [
        "msg1" => "Hello",
        "msg2" => "Goodbye"

Then you just make your XML template (template.xml):

   {% for message in messages %}
   {% endfor %}

And render it:

$app->render("template.xml", $somearray);

To use Twig with Slim, you will need to include the Slim-Views package. Configuration instructions are in the README.

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