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Highcharts (PieChart) - chart width reduced on drawing second time

First of all thanks to HighCharts.. Well, I am building a pie chart using HighCharts in jQuery Mobile.

I am displaying few pie charts (max 6 charts) which is created dynamically in an Ajax success callback depending on the response data. The Ajax is called initially in document.ready() and also on a button click.

During the creation of the pie charts from document.ready(), all charts displays horizontally centered to the screen, which is an expected result. But next time when it creates from the button click, it moves little left, ie, its width is reduced than it was displayed on document.ready().

I am creating each container

<div id="container-x"></div>
for the pie charts dynamically.

Here is the sample code I used to create the chart. The dataArray is the data set used to plot the pie chart.

$('#container' + i).highcharts({
chart: {
plotBackgroundColor: null,
plotBorderWidth: null,
plotShadow: false,
type: 'pie',
marginBottom: 150,
marginLeft: 20
title: {
text: ''
tooltip: {
pointFormat: '<b>{point.y:.0f}</b>'
plotOptions: {
pie: {
allowPointSelect: true,
cursor: 'pointer',
showInLegend: true,
dataLabels: {
enabled: true,
useHTML: true,
formatter: function () {
return Math.round(this.percentage * 100) / 100 + '%';
style: {
fontWeight: 'bold',
color: 'black'
legend: {
layout: 'vertical',
align: 'left',
verticalAlign: 'bottom',
useHTML: true,
maxHeight: 135,
itemMarginTop: 2,
itemMarginBottom: 2,
labelFormatter: function () {
var words =[\s]+/);
var numWordsPerLine = 4;
var str = [];
for (var word in words) {
if (word > 0 && word % numWordsPerLine == 0) {
return (str.slice(0, str.length - 2)).join(' ');
navigation: {
activeColor: '#3E576F',
animation: true,
arrowSize: 12,
inactiveColor: '#CCC',
useHTML: true,
style: {
fontWeight: 'bold',
color: '#333',
fontSize: '12px'
series: [{
name: 'Brands',
colorByPoint: true,
data: dataArray

Attaching the two screens below

1. Expected - initially loaded pie chart

Expected and initially loaded pie chart

2. Width reduced - loaded on button click

Width reduced

Btw, I have two div's, one with few filters and a submit button and other one is the chart that is displayed. Also am hiding the div that displays chart when I need to display a filter based chart and displays on the ajax response.


Thank in advance.

Answer Source

The issue is with hiding of the <div>. I was hiding the div with jQuery's hide() function

Please find a similar answer for Why are Bootstrap tabs displaying tab-pane divs with incorrect widths when using highcharts?

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