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How to respond with an image on express route

My app is structured using express-generator and I have thrown a thumbnail image into the public folder and now I have this route:

router.get('/thumbnail', function(req, res){

I want the image to be shown/sent on to the browser so I get to put this link onto the meta tag and the thumbnail would appear in Facebook shares but this isn't working and instead gets me my apps error page. Also I have tried setting the header type to
but it also didn't work and rendered an empty

Answer Source

Guessing that you have something like this:

    const publicPath = express.static(join(__dirname, '../public'));
    app.use('/public', publicPath);

You can do:

    app.get('/thumbnail', function(req,res){        
        res.send('<img src="/public/img/thumbnail.jpg" />');

This will render the image.

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