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In django changing the file name of an uploaded file

Is it possible to change the file name of an uploaded file in django? I searched, but couldn't find any answer.

My requirement is whenever a file is uploaded its file name should be changed in the following format.

format = userid + transaction_uuid + file_extension

Thank you very much...

Answer Source

How are you uploading the file? I assume with the FileField.

The documentation for FileField.upload_to says that the upload_to field,

may also be a callable, such as a function, which will be called to obtain the upload path, including the filename. This callable must be able to accept two arguments, and return a Unix-style path (with forward slashes) to be passed along to the storage system. The two arguments that will be passed are:

"instance": An instance of the model where the FileField is defined. More specifically, this is the particular instance where the current file is being attached.

"filename":The filename that was originally given to the file. This may or may not be taken into account when determining the final destination path.

So it looks like you just need to make a function to do your name handling and return the path.

def update_filename(instance, filename):
    path = "upload/path/"
    format = instance.userid + instance.transaction_uuid + instance.file_extension
    return os.path.join(path, format)
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