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How can google.maps.geometry be undefined?

I'm writing a JavaScript application using the Google Maps Javascript API v3 and RequireJS. I wrote a little wrapper for gmaps in order to get the dependencies right:

define('gmaps', ['goog!maps,3.9,packages:[geometry],language:de,other_params:sensor=false&channel=...&client=...'],
return window.google.maps;

This works perfectly fine in most of the cases, even after minifying the code using the optimizer. However, sometimes I get an error saying
gmaps.geometry is undefined
in a module that has
as a dependency and tries to calculate a distance:

define(['gmaps'], function(gmaps) {
return {
calcDistance: function(target) {
var position = this.getPosition();
var distance = gmaps.geometry.spherical.computeDistanceBetween(
new gmaps.LatLng(position.latitude, position.longitude),
new gmaps.LatLng(target.latitude, target.longitude)
return (distance / 1000).toFixed(2);

This only happens if I try to execute
right after the page and the required data has loaded and only sometimes. I guess this is some problem with the async loading of gmaps, but I don't fully understand it. How can gmaps be defined but gmaps.geometry be undefined? Is there any way to fix this? It's not a critical error but it would be nice to get rid of it.

Answer Source

packages:[geometry] doesn't seem to work like I thought it would, so geometry wasn't loaded at all. Google seems to internally load geometry at some point, so my code for distance calculation worked in most cases. I fixed the problem by changing the define call of my gmaps module to:

define('gmaps', ['goog!maps,3.9,language:de,other_params:libraries=geometry&sensor=false&channel=...&client=...'],
    return window.google.maps;
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