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Grails: Getting the Data Source in a normal groovy class

How can I get access to the data source from within a normal groovy class? Injection doesn't work like it does with services.

The reason for this is that I need to do some manual database calls (ie: SQL statements using the groovy.sql.Sql class) from the groovy class since I'm working with a legacy database.

Answer Source

dataSource is a bean which gets auto injected in services when used. All beans are auto wired in grails artifacts (controllers, services etc) by default. In your case you are using a POGO and I suppose it would be inside src/groovy.

You can inject the dataSource bean explicitly to POGO class by making it a bean by itself

beans = {
        dataSource = ref('dataSource')

MyPogo {
    def dataSource

This is an expensive operation. If you already are accessing applicationContext or grailsApplication in POGO then you need not create a bean as mentioned above.

dataSource bean can be directly fetched from the context as:

//ctx being ApplicationContext
def dataSource = ctx.getBean('dataSource')

//or if grailsApplication is available
def dataSource = grailsApplication.mainContext.getBean('dataSource')

If you are invoking the POGO class methods from a grails artifact then use below approach than all of the above approaches. For example:

//service class
class MyService {
   def dataSource //autowired

   def serviceMethod(){
       MyPogo pogo = new MyPogo()
       pogo.dataSource = dataSource //set dataSource in POGO
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