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How to pass values to templates in tornado

I have a template which displays a lot of values which are passed from a server, my question is how to i pass these values to the template file.
My Handler code is as follows:
class AdminHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
def get(self, *args, **kwargs):
#respond to a get method
#self.write("AdminHandler:: Inside GET function")

userName = "Alwin Doss"
welcomeMessage = "Good evening are you enjoying kids dance"
items = {}
items["userName"] = userName
items["welcomeMessage"] = welcomeMessage

self.render("web/admin.html", title="Admin Page", items=items)

and my template code is as follows:
{% items['userName'] %}
{% items['welcomeMessage'] %}
{% end %}

Problem is that I am unable to access these values in the template file. I get the following error:

raise ParseError("unknown operator: %r" % operator)
ParseError: unknown operator: "items['userName']"
ERROR:root:500 GET /admin ( 3.27ms

Answer Source

Here is a demonstration similar to what you seem to be doing. Look into the syntax of the template and see the different uses of {% %} and the {{ }} blocks. This code:

from tornado import template

t = template.Template('''\
{% for user in users %} 
    {{ user['userName'] }} 
    {{ user['welcomeMessage'] }} 
{% end %}

# create first user and append to a user list
users = []
user = { "userName" : "Alwin Doss",
        "welcomeMessage" : "Good evening are you enjoying kids dance"}

# create and append second user
user = { "userName" : "John Smith",
        "welcomeMessage" : "Good evening, JS"}

# render the template and output to console
print t.generate(users = users)

Produces this output:

Alwin Doss 
Good evening are you enjoying kids dance 

John Smith 
Good evening, JS 

For more on Tornado templates have a look at this tutorial and of course at the Tornado templates documentation.

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