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Code Sync Issue: Git remote - Azure - Visual Studio Team Service

I am trying to set a development environment, where one of my machine is working on Ubuntu with .NET core connected to git remote repository which is on azure.

GIT URL(format) -


Another part - Using Visual Studio online - VSTS, where I am connecting to above mentioned GIT remote repository.

  • I changed some code on Ubuntu thru VSCode and pushed to git remote, it builds and publishes to Azure and I can see my change on Azure under Deployment options as:

Initial Commit thru Ubuntu

  • Now I load repository first time into Visual studio team service which shows me this comment as below :
    VSTS Code Repository

  • I build and publish changes back into Azure which has git remote repository set, I see my changes reflected and deployment options:
    enter image description here

Problem: There after, when I pull repository from remote on Ubuntu, I am not getting changes which I made in VSTS which is actually reflected on Azure. And visa-versa, If I make new change onto Ubuntu, push to remote repository, not reflecting on VSTS. Am I missing anything, because this environment might be used many places now a days.

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Here is what I understood/ learnt in couple of days about this issue:

  1. yes, we can use git remote repository thru azure and configure multiple clients who can consume this remote repository directly. So if I have Azure site - which configured with git remote. Now, I have may clients consuming this:

       a. Ubuntu .net core app (VSCODE)
       b. Windows .net core app (VSCODE)
       c. Windows VS 2017 configured remote repo.

I can easily sync code changed from any clients to other clients and also reflects correctly on azure site.

  1. Now, the part of VSTS: Basically, if we want to use VSTS (online), I think the only way of client to speak with azure is thru VSTS. So each client should configure to remote repo to VSTS online and then from VSTS should use build and release activity to push code and changes to azure.

  2. Where VSTS can use more efficiently to handle project management tasks, develop project on terminologies like Agile, Sprint, etc. Also can manage continuous integration.

So my conclusion is to directly configure git as remote repository to clients OR if you want to use VSTS with its other nice to have features, then configure git as remote repository and then from there clients should use VSTS as remote repository.

It will something look like: enter image description here

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