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NancyFx binding a model to a dynamic type?

In Nancy, is there a way to bind the content of a POST request to a dynamic type?

For example:.

// sample POST data: { "Name": "TestName", "Value": "TestValue" }

// model class
public class MyClass {
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Value { get; set; }

// NancyFx POST url
Post["/apiurl"] = p => {

// this binding works just fine
var stronglyTypedModel = this.Bind<MyClass>();

// the following bindings do not work
// there are no 'Name' or 'Value' properties on the resulting object
dynamic dynamicModel1 = this.Bind();
var dynamicModel2 = this.Bind<dynamic>();
ExpandoObject dynamicModel3 = this.Bind();
var dynamicModel4 = this.Bind<ExpandoObject>();


Answer Source

Out of the box Nancy does not support dynamic model binding. TheCodeJunkie has written a quick ModelBinder to achieve that tho.

Then you can use it like so

dynamic model = this.Bind<DynamicDictionary>();

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