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Swift Question

Custom property of a UIView used in Storyboard

I know that could be done, but I can't remember how.

I would like to create some properties of a view and been able to change this in interface builder. Also I would like that after I specify the class of the UIView that this view is rendered correctly in interface builder.

Can someone help me

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Subclass your UIView as you usually would to extend the functionality. The two unique portions of code are @IBDesignable which enables the live rendering in Interface Builder and @IBInspectable which will surface the appropriate properties in Interface Builder.

@IBDesignable class NewView: UIView {
     // Display New Color as an editable property in Interface Builder.
     @IBInspectable var newColor: UIColor = UIColor.greenColor()

You can then do any required drawing by overriding the drawRect(rect: CGRect) function using any newly provided properties.

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