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Java Question

Convert .class to .java

I have some .class files that I need to convert to .java so I did:

javap -c ClassName.class

and all the time I have the same error

ERROR:Could not find ClassName.class

Do you guys have any idea of what might be the cause? I did man javap and as far as I know the syntax is correct. If there is another way to convert it to a .java file, I am more than willing to try. Any idea is greatly appreciated?

Answer Source

Invoking javap to read the bytecode

The javap command takes class-names without the .class extension. Try

javap -c ClassName

Converting .class files back to .java files

javap will however not give you the implementations of the methods in java-syntax. It will at most give it to you in JVM bytecode format.

To actually decompile (i.e., do the reverse of javac) you will have to use proper decompiler. See for instance the following related question: