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Python Question

Python: How can I find all strings matching any of the multiple patterns given

I am new to Python and have been trying to find all the strings which match multiple patterns. I did some google search and found some posts which suggest to compile all the patterns into one. However they were using the
function which only returns the first matched instance. I need to search all instances of strings which match any of the patterns in the order of their occurrence. Any direction/suggestion is welcome.

More specifically I am looking for something similar to this grep command

grep -i "[0-9' '-:A-Za-z].* ERROR.*Job failed\|Caused by:\|^ *at\|ERROR\|more$" <file-name>

Answer Source

re.findall(combined_regex, your_string) is probably what you're looking for.

If you plan on doing this many times in the same program, consider compiling the regex as follows for better performance:

compiled = re.compile(combined_regex)
results = compiled.findall(your_string)
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