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How to use combined filters in opencart

I've ran into a problem with the standard filter in Opencart I want to filter products with multiple filters so the products will be narrowed down.

I found a solution, but that one was for Opencart 1.5

I know there are several filter extension that do this, but why should I buy another extension? This needs to be a default functionality imo.

I have knowlegde of PHP so I can edit the models/templates myself, I just need to now what to edit.

Answer Source

For people who are looking at the same problem, I fanally found this amazing extention that adds the missing "AND" in the sql query.

The default filters in Opencart uses logic "OR" for all values, regardless of the filter group.

FixFilter OC2x modifies the default Opencart 2.0 filters to filter products with "OR" (products in group) and "AND" (for GROUPS) logic.

Designed for Opencart version - This fix is not necessary if you use a third-party filter (such as FilterPro etc)

Install Upload file fix_filter.ocmod.xml in Extension Installer Don`t forget refresh modification cache after install!

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