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Convert NSDate to Date

this might be a stupid question, but I canĀ“t find the information. I'm using CoreData in my app, and I save an array of structs. The problem is when I fetch and try to restore it into the struct array, I have a problem with my Date variable; I can't find a way to convert it from NSDate to Date, I try using

as Date
, but it makes me force downcast and I'm not sure if it's safe. Is it correct? or is there another way?

This is my Struc:

struct MyData {
var value = Int()
var date = Date()
var take = Int()
var commnt = String()

This is how I'm fetchin the data:

func fetchRequestInfo() -> [MyData] {

let fetchRequest: NSFetchRequest<GlucoseEvents> = GlucoseEvents.fetchRequest()

do {
let searchResults = try DatabaseController.getContext().fetch(fetchRequest)

for result in searchResults as [GlucoseEvents] {
let value = Int(result.value)
let date = result.date as Date
let take = Int(result.take)
let commnt = String(describing: result.commnt)
let data = MyData(value: value, date: date, take: take, commnt: commnt)

} catch {

print ("error: \(error)")

let orderArray = self.dataArray.sorted(by: { $0.date.compare($1.date) == .orderedAscending})
return orderArray

And this is the how I set the properties of my CoreDataClass:

@NSManaged public var commnt: String?
@NSManaged public var date: NSDate?
@NSManaged public var value: Int16
@NSManaged public var take: Int16

Answer Source

result.date is an optional NSDate, so you can bridge it to an optional Date:

result.date as Date?

Then use optional binding to safely unwrap it. In your case that could be

guard let date = result.date as Date? else {
    // date is nil, ignore this entry:

You might also want to replace

let commnt = String(describing: result.commnt)


guard let commnt = result.commnt else {
    // commnt is nil, ignore this entry:

otherwise you'll get comment strings like Optional(My comment).

(Rule of thumb: String(describing: ...) is almost never what you want, even if the compiler suggests it to make the code compile.)

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