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Ruby Question

How do I convert a Ruby hash so that all of its keys are symbols?

I have a Ruby hash which looks like:

{ "id" => "123", "name" => "test" }

I would like to convert it to:

{ :id => "123", :name => "test" }

Answer Source
hash = {"apple" => "banana", "coconut" => "domino"}
Hash[hash.map{ |k, v| [k.to_sym, v] }]
#=> {:apple=>"banana", :coconut=>"domino"}


@mu is too short: Didn't see word "recursive", but if you insist (along with protection against non-existent to_sym, just want to remind that in Ruby 1.8 1.to_sym == nil, so playing with some key types can be misleading):

hash = {"a" => {"b" => "c"}, "d" => "e", Object.new => "g"}

s2s = 
  lambda do |h| 
    Hash === h ? 
        h.map do |k, v| 
          [k.respond_to?(:to_sym) ? k.to_sym : k, s2s[v]] 
      ] : h 

s2s[hash] #=> {:d=>"e", #<Object:0x100396ee8>=>"g", :a=>{:b=>"c"}}
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