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What is the most efficient way to display a table in Android

I have a post to server which returns a JSONArray. I then populate a TableLayout by dynamically creating TableRows which get inserted into the TableLayout, and also dynamically create TextViews after which I set the text to values from the JSONArray. And add the TextViews to the Rows.

This does work. Although it seem terribly insufficient and I would really like a more elegant solution.

Any suggestions?

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You are right, TableLayout is very inefficient, consider you have 100 rows of content, then you have to create 100 rows of widgets.. which is very memory consuming + slow in creation.

Above scenario should be a perfect fit for using ListView, you can simply de-serialize your JSON Array into a custom Adapter to push to the ListView. I usually create/use a JSON-Cursor Adapter so that it can be more reusable (fits to ContentProvider as well).

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