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How to determine if a type is a type of collection?

I am trying to determine if a runtime type is some sort of collection type. What I have below works, but it seems strange that I have to name the types that I believe to be collection types in an array like I have done.

In the code below, the reason for the generic logic is because, in my app, I expect all collections to be generic.

bool IsCollectionType(Type type)
if (!type.GetGenericArguments().Any())
return false;

Type genericTypeDefinition = type.GetGenericTypeDefinition();
var collectionTypes = new[] { typeof(IEnumerable<>), typeof(ICollection<>), typeof(IList<>), typeof(List<>) };
return collectionTypes.Any(x => x.IsAssignableFrom(genericTypeDefinition));

How would I refactor this code to be smarter or simpler?

Answer Source

Really all of these types inherit IEnumerable. You can check only for it:

bool IsEnumerableType(Type type)
    return (type.GetInterface("IEnumerable") != null);

or if you really need to check for ICollection:

bool IsCollectionType(Type type)
    return (type.GetInterface("ICollection") != null);

Look at "Syntax" part:

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