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JSON Question

Mongoimport of json file

I have a json file consisting of about 2000 records. Each record which will correspond to a document in the mongo database is formatted as follows:

execModify: new Date("Fri May 11 15:05:42 2012"),
startTime: new Date("Thu May 31 15:59:39 2012"),

Each record is on a single line in the JSON file, and the only line breaks are at the end of every record. Therefore, each line in the document starts with "{jobID:"... I am trying to import these into a mongo database using the following command:

mongoimport --db dbName --collection collectionName --file fileName.json

However, I get the following error:

Sat Mar 2 01:26:12 Assertion: 10340:Failure parsing JSON string near: ,execModif
0x10059f12b 0x100562d5c 0x100562e9c 0x10025eb98 0x10000e643 0x100010b60 0x10055c4cc 0x1000014b7
0 mongoimport 0x000000010059f12b _ZN5mongo15printStackTraceERSo + 43
1 mongoimport 0x0000000100562d5c _ZN5mongo11msgassertedEiPKc + 204
2 mongoimport 0x0000000100562e9c _ZN5mongo11msgassertedEiRKSs + 12
3 mongoimport 0x000000010025eb98 _ZN5mongo8fromjsonEPKcPi + 1576
4 mongoimport 0x000000010000e643
_ZN6Import8parseRowEPSiRN5mongo7BSONObjERi + 2739
5 mongoimport 0x0000000100010b60 _ZN6Import3runEv + 7376
6 mongoimport 0x000000010055c4cc _ZN5mongo4Tool4mainEiPPc + 5436
7 mongoimport 0x00000001000014b7 main + 55
8 mongoimport 0x0000000100001454 start + 52
Sat Mar 2 01:26:12 exception:BSON representation of supplied JSON is too large: Failure parsing
JSON string near: ,execModif
Sat Mar 2 01:26:12
Sat Mar 2 01:26:12 imported 0 objects
Sat Mar 2 01:26:12 ERROR: encountered 1941 errors

I do not know what the problem is. Can someone please recommend a solution? Thanks so much for your time!

Answer Source

I was able to fix the error using the following query:

    mongoimport --db taac --collection july2012 lariatData-sgeT-2012-07-02.json --jsonArray

Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

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