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Cant solve "warning: conversion to 'long unsigned int' from 'int'"

When I compile mt19937ar.c, a pretty standard random number generator, I keep getting issues with a bit of code that I need from it.

In function 'init_genrand':

warning: conversion to 'long unsigned int' from 'int' may change the sign of the result

/* Period parameters */
#define N 624
#define M 397
#define MATRIX_A 0x9908b0dfUL /* constant vector a */
#define UPPER_MASK 0x80000000UL /* most significant w-r bits */
#define LOWER_MASK 0x7fffffffUL /* least significant r bits */

static unsigned long mt[N]; /* the array for the state vector */
static int mti=N+1; /* mti==N+1 means mt[N] is not initialized */

/* initializes mt[N] with a seed */
void init_genrand(unsigned long s)
mt[0]= s & 0xffffffffUL;
for (mti=1; mti<N; mti++) {
mt[mti] =
(1812433253UL * (mt[mti-1] ^ (mt[mti-1] >> 30)) + mti);
/* See Knuth TAOCP Vol2. 3rd Ed. P.106 for multiplier. */
/* In the previous versions, MSBs of the seed affect */
/* only MSBs of the array mt[]. */
/* 2002/01/09 modified by Makoto Matsumoto */
mt[mti] &= 0xffffffffUL;
/* for >32 bit machines */

Specifically, the error is with

mt[mti] =
(1812433253UL * (mt[mti-1] ^ (mt[mti-1] >> 30)) + mti);

I've tried casting it via

mt[mti] = (long unsigned int)
(1812433253UL * (mt[mti-1] ^ (mt[mti-1] >> 30)) + mti);

which really doesn't make sense to do but I'm just attempting something. This code is from 1997- figured someone would have caught this by now and fixed it. How can I solve this? Or get my compiler to stop crying about it?

Answer Source

You need to change type of mti to unsigned int or unsigned long int

static unsigned int mti = N+1;

Because mti will be promoted to unsigned long in your given expression