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convert binary data to base-64 javaScript

I have a problem to convert binary data to base-64 in JS.
I try all the things that exists on the net include this How to parse into base64 string the binary image from response?, but everyone return a wrong base-64 and I don't find why !

**I try this solution Retrieving binary file content using Javascript, base64 encode it and reverse-decode it using Python but the convert to base-64 not work for me! It's return something wrong .

I get a string binary response from server and I want to convert him to base-64 that I can create a file from him and to show him to user.
This is the response I get from server to png picture for example:


IHDRrP6�tEXtSoftwareAdobe ImageReadyq�e<�IDATx�b���?�#6��g��T=;��� >č�&g��:��A�@���LX��0�A�T >[40f��H��>0`B
`���Ivd�1@c�2���F&�ATM��.�p���[���8��p�]�@,�����pyP��q���pB����u�����3l(6A `@

Answer Source

My problem is solved . I use dropzone plugin to get the response from server and because of this I get binary data as a text reponse and it make my problems. I just go to dropzone.js and change 2 minor things to get the response in type of arraybuffer :

        xhr.responseType = 'arraybuffer'; ( line 1246)

This is new line to get the response in type of arrayBuffer, and then create a Blob object from the arraybuffer response .

          response = xhr.response; (line 1305 ) 

Change it to get response inseted TextRrsponse..

I hope that it will help somebody... Thanks everyone !

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