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Angular2 directive - string issue

We created a directive in Angular2 and have an

property that should receive a
. The problem is that, we are not able to pass a string.

If we try to do this:

<learning-requirements [title]="You should be able to!" [content]="requirements"></learning-requirements>

It does not work, so we have to do this, and then it works:

<learning-requirements [title]="'You should be able to!'" [content]="requirements"></learning-requirements>

That is our directive:

selector: "learning-requirements",
directives: [IONIC_DIRECTIVES],
templateUrl: "build/pages/learning/components/requirements/requirements.html"
export class RequirementsComponent {
@Input() public title: string;
@Input("content") public items: Array<Requirement>;

Any idea how to handle string whithout explicitly using single quotation?

Answer Source

Basically whenever you have attribute wrap with [] square bracket it is going to evaluated attribute value(expression) with context(this) of component.

Since you're directly passing a value you could directly specify title attribute without [] square bracket, which means that the value which you have passed inside attribute would not get evaluated against context(this) of component.


  title="You should be able to!" 
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