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Python Question

Check multiple keys in a dictionary for existence and value

I would like to do something only if an object has two keys with given values:

tel = ...
nam = ...
for obj in listofobjs:
for key, val in obj.items():
if (key == 'tel' and val == tel) and \
(key == 'nam' and val == name):
# do something...

Which won't work since key and value can't be two values at the same time.


You don't need to loop over the .items() to do this.

for obj in listofobjs:
    if (obj.get('tel', None) == tel) and (obj.get('nam', None) == nam):

Just use .get to get the key, so that you don't get a KeyError if the key doesn't exist.

.get returns None by default, but I'm specifying it here to highlight the ability to use a different default value. If you want to use None as the default, you can leave out the second parameter from the .get call.

Replace None with a value that you know will never be a valid value for tel or nam.