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MongoDB - Query document by same field from multiple objects in array

I have a document that looks like this:

"_id" : "AouRpb5g2WR9sZe5z",
"participants" : [
"user" : "CYvApwRFADveqBqEY",
"unread" : false
"user" : "sgoinZkaHbqth8nPr",
"unread" : false
"createdAt" : ISODate("2016-07-23T04:06:53.748Z")

I need to be able to find the document that has both users
. I was able to find all documents with one of the users with
, but couldn't figure it out for both, or if that's even the correct way.

Answer Source

With a find query with an $all, you can do :

  "participants.user": {
    $all: ["CYvApwRFADveqBqEY", "sgoinZkaHbqth8nPr"]

From the doc of $all :

The $all operator selects the documents where the value of a field is an >array that contains all the specified elements.

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