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How can I use a pipe or redirect in a qsub command?

There are some commands I'd like to run on a grid using qsub (SGE 8.1.3, CentOS 5.9) that need to use a pipe (

) or a redirect (
). For example, let's say I have to parallelize the command

echo 'hello world' > hello.txt

(Obviously a simplified example: in reality I might need to redirect the output of a program like bowtie directly to samtools). If I did:

qsub echo 'hello world' > hello.txt

the resulting content of
would look like

Your job 123454321 ("echo") has been submitted

Similarly if I used a pipe (
echo "hello world" | myprogram
), that message is all that would be passed to
, not the actual stdout.

I'm aware I could write a small bash script that each contain the command with the pipe/redirect, and then do
qsub ./myscript.sh
. However, I'm trying to run many parallelized jobs at the same time using a script, so I'd have to write many such bash scripts each with a slightly different command. When scripting this solution can start to feel very hackish. An example of such a script in Python:

for i, (infile1, infile2, outfile) in enumerate(files):
command = ("bowtie -S %s %s | " +
"samtools view -bS - > %s\n") % (infile1, infile2, outfile)

script = "job" + str(counter) + ".sh"
open(script, "w").write(command)
os.system("chmod 755 %s" % script)
os.system("qsub -cwd ./%s" % script)

This is frustrating for a few reasons, among them that my program can't even delete the many
scripts afterwards to clean up after itself, since I don't know how long the job will be waiting in the queue, and the script has to be there when the job starts.

Is there a way to provide my full
echo 'hello world' > hello.txt
command to qsub without having to create another file containing the command?

Answer Source

You can do this by turning it into a bash -c command, which lets you put the | in a quoted statement:

 qsub bash -c "cmd <options> | cmd2 <options>"

As @spuder has noted in the comments, it seems that in other versions of qsub (not SGE 8.1.3, which I'm using), one can solve the problem with:

echo "cmd <options> | cmd2 <options>" | qsub

as well.

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