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How do I exclude all instances of a transitive dependency when using Gradle?

My gradle project uses the

plugin to build a jar file. As part of the runtime transitive dependencies, I end up pulling in
. (It's referenced as a sub-transitive dependency in at least 5 or 6 other transitive dependencies - this project is using spring and hadoop, so everything but the kitchen sink is getting pulled in... no wait... that's there too :) ).

I want to globally exclude the
jar from my built jar. So I've tried this:

configurations {
runtime.exclude group: "org.slf4j", name: "slf4j-log4j12"

However, this seems to exclude all
artifacts including
. When running under debug mode I see lines such as:

org.slf4j#slf4j-api is excluded from com.pivotal.gfxd:gfxd-demo-mapreduce:1.0(runtime).
org.slf4j#slf4j-simple is excluded from com.pivotal.gfxd:gfxd-demo-mapreduce:1.0(runtime).
org.slf4j#slf4j-log4j12 is excluded from org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-common:2.2.0(runtime).

I do not want to have to look up the source of each
transitive dependency and then have individual
compile foo { exclude slf4j... }
statements in my


I did also try this:

configurations {
runtime.exclude name: "slf4j-log4j12"

Which ends up excluding everything from the build! As though I specified
group: "*"

Update 2:

I'm using Gradle version 1.10 for this.

Answer Source

Ah, the following works and does what I want:

configurations {
  runtime.exclude group: "org.slf4j", module: "slf4j-log4j12"

It seems that an Exclude Rule only has two attributes - group and module. However, the above syntax doesn't prevent you from specifying any arbitrary property as a predicate. When trying to exclude from an individual dependency you cannot specify arbitrary properties. For example, this fails:

dependencies {
  compile ('') {
    exclude group: "org.slf4j", name: "slf4j-log4j12"


No such property: name for class: org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.DefaultExcludeRule

So even though you can specify a dependency with a group: and name: you can't specify an exclusion with a name:!?!

Perhaps a separate question, but what exactly is a module then? I can understand the Maven notion of groupId:artifactId:version, which I understand translates to group:name:version in Gradle. But then, how do I know what module (in gradle-speak) a particular Maven artifact belongs to?

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