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PHP Question

PHP mail does not get sent, how do I debug?

I have been trying to send email for registration, invitations and so on.

On local development, emails get sent. However once on the server no mails arrive.

I installed postfix. I was trying to setup a mail server but gave up. So currently, If I type in terminal

peter# mail

the email arrives. However, this does not send email:

$res = mail('', 'subj', 'bodddd');

not only that, but echoing
gives nothing. Neither

What and how do i do to make it working?



According to your comment above, it looks like your sendmail path is either wrong or commented out in your php.ini. It should be something like this:

sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

If you're unsure where your sendmail binary resides, you may find it by using:

whereis sendmail