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Ionic app icon doesn't change

I'm building an android app with Visual Studio 15 Community, Ionic and Apache Cordova and I would like to update the icon of my ionic app. I'm emulating the app with Genymotion but I get the same result using the build-in android emulator from VS15.

Additionally, I used a blank ionic project.

I've already tried

  • I added the source of my icon in the config file (please note that I added the density myself, it has not been generated)

    <icon src="resources/android/icon/icon.png" density="xxxhdpi" />

  • Created the app logo based on this blueprint:

  • Placed the .png file in the specific folder

hierarchy of my project

  • I followed the instructions from the ionic and visual studio website
    with no results.

I didn't try

  • Actually, I didn't try to execute the command to update my ressources using
    $ ionic resources --icon
    because I think that as soon as I build the app (pressing the play button in VS15) it does all the work for me

Maybe I'm getting something wrong here because usually this isn't a big deal.
I really appreciate all your answers, thank you for taking the time to deal with this!

Answer Source

As mentioned earlier by a user whos post has been deleted (why?), all I had to do was to

  1. open my command line
  2. go to the directory in which my project is
  3. type the command $ ionic resources
  4. That's it! Ionic does all the rest

A quick note: I didn't know that I had to install the tools (Android SDK, Apache Cordova etc.) because I thought that Visual Studio downloads them due to the first build so why installing it locally. You must install them locally, it will not work without the tools installed on your machine.

Hope I could help

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