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Java Question

Jacoco-what does ''class missed'' means?

I didn't find enough information for MISSEDCOUNT

<rule implementation="org.jacoco.maven.RuleConfiguration">
<limit implementation="">
<limit implementation="">

I also encountered an error:

Rule violated for bundle xxxx: classes missed count is 1, but expected maximum is 0)

Could you give me a simple example when it could be thrown as well as should i use this check(MISSEDCOUNT) in my java project?

Answer Source

MISSEDCOUNT refers to the number of branches/classes/etc. (in this case classes because you have used CLASS) which are not tested. Using MISSEDCOUNT with a value of 0 will cause the build to fail if there are any classes that are not tested.

The error makes sense, because it sounds like there is 1 class in your project which is not tested (classes missed count is 1), but because you have specified a maximum of 0 allowable classes to be missed (expected maximum is 0), the build has failed.


Whether or not you "should" use the MISSEDCOUNT check is entirely up to you. If you want to enforce comprehensive testing, then yes, I would include it. If there are some classes which simply cannot be tested for some reason, then you can always increase the count.

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