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Overwrite static member by using another file

I'm converting a js project to typeScript and I want to overwrite some constants static members by using a local/untracked_by_git file.

My original constants file:

export default class Constants{
static MYSQL_HOST = 'some_host';
static MYSQL_PORT = 0000;
static MYSQL_DATABASE = 'prod_database_name';
static MYSQL_USER = 'user';
static MYSQL_PWD = 'password';

I want a local file (untracked by versioning system) that is able to overwrite any of this fields (in order to connect to some particular db, different than my collegues)

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following the advice from @mario-alexandro-santini

export default class Constants{
    static MYSQL_HOST = process.env.MYSQL_HOST || 'some_host';
    static MYSQL_PORT = process.env.MYSQL_PORT 0000;
    static MYSQL_DATABASE = process.env.MYSQL_DATABASE || 'prod_database_name';
    static MYSQL_USER = process.env.MYSQL_USER || 'user';
    static MYSQL_PWD = process.env.MYSQL_PWD || 'password';

assuming you are running in a UNIX based environment you can have a bash file lets call it add that file name to the .gitignore file and it should contain something like this.

MYSQL_HOST="Other values"

when you run the app just do something like ./ && <the command you did before>

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