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Using the glob() function with an array and wildcard search

I currently have an array which holds file names, I now want to

through this array using a wildcard search in a directory and find the matching files.

How can I do this using the

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You can simply do this to extract each file which matches your wildcard search inside a foreach loop:

$search = "*.txt";
// if this is what you mean by indexed string variable?
$file = array("updated.txt", "new.txt"); 

// getcwd() will retrieve the current directory but is not needed - this just shows
// that you can supply a directory if you wanted to.

function MatchFile($file,$search)
    $temp = array();
    $i = 0;
    foreach (glob(getcwd().$search) as $filename) :
        if (count($file) > $i):
            array_push($temp, ($filename == $file[$i++])? $filename : "");
            // stops the index overflow error
    return $temp;

foreach (MatchFile($file,$search) as $found):
    echo $found . " was found!";

This is just a replacement of opendir();.

If you're still unsure or need to know more flags, you can use this link for help.

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